The activities of M. CHAPOUTIER School

Seminars, packaged stay, tailor-made workshop, bicycle ride,...

Discover all the activities of M. CHAPOUTIER School.

Business seminars

M. CHAPOUTIER School offers you an exceptional setting and proposes tailor-made formulas adapted to the smallest of your needs.

Modular meeting spaces: 10 rooms equipped, suitable for your needs, accommodating from 6 to 120 people.

On-site meals made by our Chef : business meals at our table d'hôtes, cocktails, buffet dinners, breakfast, snacks.

The world of wine: tailor-made tasting commented by our sommeliers advice, visits of vines and food and wine pairing.

Accommodation : partner hotels within walking distance.

Moments of relaxation : opportunities for cultural activities, sports, tourism ... according to your desires.

Packaged stay

A stay where wine and gastronomy are honored.

Tailor-made workshops over several days that can include additional services : accommodation at the hotel or lodging M. CHAPOUTIER, discovery of the vineyards of 'Hermitage, private tastings with one of our sommeliers, lunches or dinners in restaurants partners or at lodgings, activities and sightseeing, etc.

A unique stay in a friendly setting.

Tailor-made workshop

In favor of existing groups the workshop is supervised by a sommelier of our team and may include a vineyard tour, a guided tasting in a private room, lunch or dinner food and wine pairing, etc.

Are you interested in a particular theme? We offer a customized formula.

Bicycle ride in the Hermitage

Explore the famous CHAPOUTIER vineyards on an electric bike.

Cycle through landscapes of vines, taking in the breathtaking views, while enjoying an introduction to the history of this very special area.

With our electric bikes’ autonomous batteries and various levels of assisted propulsion, no hill is too steep!

You will be able to take your pick from various circuits : up and over the Hermitage hill, through the Saint-Joseph vineyards, etc., with varying levels of difficulty, but all taking you through remarkable landscape. You will also be able to choose the duration of your ride, from 1 hour to half a day. The circuits will finish back at the winery, where you will be able to enjoy a tasting of our various wines.

A set of equipment is available to each rider (backpack, helmet, water, etc.) as well as easy-to-follow maps of the circuits and detailed information enabling you to learn all about the grape varieties, viticulture and the ‘terroirs’.

Booking is recommended. The formula is 25 € per person and includes bike rental and tasting (for 5 people max.)


To learn otherwise is to be astonished, to be enthusiastic, to observe and to be surprised.

It is in this state of mind that the M. CHAPOUTIER School decided to set up a conference program throughout the year in partnership with the Observatoire du Réel.


To learn otherwise is to be astonished, to be enthusiastic, to observe and to be surprised.

It is in this state of mind that the M. CHAPOUTIER School has decided to set up a training program for which tasting is in the spotlight. Tasting of rum, whiskey, coffee or beer ... Discover new aspects around unusual tastings.